The first ever nude NFT collection on Solana

6969 masterpieces capturing the natural female beauty. This collection acts as a seed round for the development of the first decentralised nudity marketplace, in which every Idol holder will receive a vital role.

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Mid September
The first ever nude NFT drop on Solana Network
6969 Crypto Idolz will be available for minting through our website. After the drop, all minters will receive a unique NFT honouring the women's beauty. Each Crypto Idol would be exceptionally unique with 200+ randomly combined traits such as boobs, skin colour, accessories and more
Subsequent NFT drops with the special role given to early contributors
Other body parts and accessories will be distributed to the first 2000 community members and all OG Crypto Idolz holders, and afterwards become available to the public purchase. By combining all parts you would be able to create a full-size Idol in digital (or even real...) world
Responsible allocation of funds back to the community and for the social needs
A large amount of funds collected will be utilised to stimulate the secondary market and to further develop the NFT space, while also helping to solve serious social issues... For instance, we are going to make donations to the Breast Cancer Foundation, so each purchased Idol would help to overcome one of the most terrible diseases
IDOLZ token launch as a fundament for future decentralized nudity sharing ecosystem
This token will be used as an internal currency within our platform. Each token holder will receive voting rights correspondingly to their token share and will be able to directly participate in operational management and strategic development of the entire project
Development of the first decentralized nudity marketplace
Our main long-term goal is to develop a marketplace that will allow every woman to earn consistent profits through sharing their beauty to the world and anyone to participate as an investor. Imagine buying nudes directly from your favourite model and receiving a permanent share in all future profits from it (or leaving this exclusive content just for you...)